1. A work I made tonight: a combination of a favorite person and a favorite location and a favorite state of consciousness. 

  2. My works for the day

  3. H - line 1, by Matthew Howen 

  5. dustinaksland:

    This one is for Meadow Ranch 

  6. Boys Shouldn’t be Boys came to me after watching and talking about this http://www.volviendo.org/

  7. Sneak peak of November cover of Muse. @elizabthanglin #mu4life

  10. Open mic night and Christian parodies #mu4life (at Roger’s Cafe)

  11. Coffee shop-furniture-letter press-flooring warehouse what else would you put in one NW Portland building (at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.)

  12. Death and dominion pt. 3 (at Memorial Hall - Multnomah University)

  13. Death and dominion part 2 (at Memorial Hall - Multnomah University)

  14. Something my roommate and I keep around to remind us of our dominion over nature and the fragility of life. (at Memorial Hall - Multnomah University)

  15. Debate night #mu4life (Taken with Instagram at JCA Student Center)