1. I started dating this lady nearly two years ago on this very hill underneath these very birds. (at Chapman Elementary School)

  2. Poe is not happy about less than three weeks.

  5. A quick shout out to the Portland parks system and the spring water corridor trail. It was very smooth riding and there were even a few black berries. Mt. Hood is just barely visible here. (at Springwater Corridor)

  6. There’s nothing like a burger, nap, and shower combo to remind you that you weren’t well prepared for a 56 mile spur of the moment bike tour. It was awesome to see parts of Portland that I’ve always enjoyed and parts that I’ve never been to. Mr. Peugeot only suffer one busted spoke on mile 53.

  7. Powell butte will always be one of my favorite places in Portland. You walk in and instantly transported away from everything city-like. I’ve been out for 6 hours so I’m going to reward myself with a burger. (at Powell Butte Hiking Trails)

  8. Swimming in sellwood is filling me with enthusiasm. Powell butte is my next stop and then I need some lunch. (at Sellwood Riverfront Park)

  9. This place is so damn beautiful. (at International Rose Test Garden)

  10. I forgot to mention that I’m headed to sellwood next and that I have a huge hill to ride down. (at International Rose Test Garden)

  11. Climbed up to Washington park to the rose garden. Definitely needed an enthusiasm boost after taking a wrong turn and back tracking a few hundred miles. 8000 roses is doing the trick. (at International Rose Test Garden)

  12. First leg finished. There were a few dead ends, but so far so good. North Portland is a beautiful place with so much character. From the confluence of the Columbia and willamette rivers I head south to portland’s international test rose garden. (at Kelley Point Park)

  13. With Mackenzie gone this weekend my first order of business is to take a 40 mile bike tour of Portland. I’ll keep you updated on how long I last and how bad my body aches. @jesmcbride and @milopeabody this is for you.

  14. A work I made tonight: a combination of a favorite person and a favorite location and a favorite state of consciousness. 

  15. My works for the day